Our Store Hours:

Monday thru Friday 6 am - 4 pm
Saturday and Sunday 7 am - 2 pm



Bagel Time, grew out our love of bagels and our interest in finding a healthy alternative to today’s fast-food. Our bagels have no preservatives added, and are low in sodium have no cholesterol and contain only .01 grams of fat. We make our bagels from scratch every day in our store in Worcester. Our blueberry muffins are made with wild Maine blueberries and our oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies are made from the finest rolled oats, flour, raisins and extra large chocolate drops. We use 100% dolphin safe albacore tuna and our deli meats and cheeses come exclusively from Boar's Head. The coffee that we serve is locally roasted daily to assure freshness and the milk that we serve contains NO growth hormones or preservatives.

Our pledge to you is that if we wouldn’t have it in our own homes, we won’t serve it in our store.

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